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Cogat Test Scores

The CogAT is comprised of total 120 questions and used in various states of USA. During practice test you can solve variety types of question that might appear on the CogAT final exam. Because more than one answer may appear correct, children must exercise their reasoning capabilities and problem to select the correct answer. This CogAT format may be different from the formats of questions your child answers in school. The CogAT assesses reasoning and problem solving, thinking abilities in 3 areas such as verbal, non-verbal and quantitative and contains also some subtests. Because most of the questions on the CogAT exam are ones that your child must not have seen before in school, most children will not be ready without special preparation for the exam otherwise Cogat Test Scores will be poor.

Standard Cogat Test

There are mainly 3 versions of the CogAT are in use such as Form 5, 6 and 7. Most schools upgraded a number of years ago from Form 5 to Form 6. In July 2011, Riverside Publishing has released a new version of the CogAT Form 7. The CogAT Form 7 exams have replaced some of the test areas on the Form 6 exam. Overall changes to the CogAT exam are intended to make the exam fairer to English Language Learner students. One big change between the CogAT form 6 and 7 is the identification of levels. In Form 6, children attend either the Primary (K, 1 or 2) or the Multi-Level (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12). In Form 7, levels have been decided to correspond to the most likely age of the child taking the test.

In addition, there are also both spring and fall versions of the Cogat test are implemented. The fall version of the test is a little more difficult because children attended Cogat test later in the school year are expected to be able to face more difficult questions than those tested earlier in the school year. So that the students master all skills in CogAT exams and they can do practice Cogat test on some websites and Cogat Test Scores will be much better. Cogat materials are not only basically developed from the new Form 7 and Fall versions but also include relevant contents of the Form 6 and Spring versions.

All those above tests are almost similar.  I have to say, though, that I am not a trained tester, so my knowledge of these tests is limited.  The CCAT or Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test is another group tests that are made to measure a child’s academic or study abilities.  In other words, its goal is to determine whether a child will likely succeed in school. Their definition of gifted and talented capabilities test may not be the same as ours. Schools use those tests to find the children who will be beneficial from participation in their gifted program.  They are looking for kids who will be able to success in academic performances, so those Cogat Test Scores are quite useful to them.