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CogAT Form 7

CogAT Form 7 is an improved version of the exam that helps the students to understand the questions well and perform against the same. This was the first form or version or edition which was classified on the basis of age of the students rather than their grades. Further, CogAT 7 was also the first version or edition in which picture questions was introduced for the students. This picture questions are more easy for the students to connect and perform in the exam. The CogAT Form 7 provides level 5 to level 17 i.e. the levels represents students from kindergarten to class 12. The said Form 7 is further divided into 2 editions namely primary edition and multilevel edition. The primary edition is designed for students from kindergarten to students of 2nd standard, i.e. children of age 5 to 8. There are three types of exams that are held in any CogAT exam. These are verbal exam, quantitative exam and nonverbal exam.

All the said three exams are held as three different segments so that the student can be easily analyzed and judged on the basis of all the three segments separately and one can work on the development of the student in the areas where they are weak. The multilevel edition of Form 7 has been designed specifically for students who are grade 3 to grade 12, i.e. children of age 9 to 17. The various tests i..e the verbal tests, quantitative tests and the non verbal tests are performed as three different segments at this level also. Further to this, all the three segments are further divided or formatted into 3 subsets. The detail of this formatting is explained below.

In the Primary edition, the Verbal segment is divided into 3 subsets which are firstly picture analogies, secondly sentence completion and thirdly picture classification. On the other hand, in the multilevel edition, the verbal segment is divided into 3 subsets namely firstly Verbal Analogies, secondly sentence completion and thirdly verbal classification. The Verbal test is the only test which usually differs in the 2 editions. This is because of use of more picture questions at the primary level. Under the Quantitative segment, the three subsets of questions that are formatted are number analogies, number puzzles and number series. What differ in the two editions here are the number of questions and the level of questions depending on the level for which the exam is being held. Last but not the least is the non verbal segment. This segment is also divided into 3 subsets. These subsets are firstly figure matrices, secondly paper folding and thirdly figure classification.

It is obvious that the number of questions in each segment and each subset will increase with increase in the levels as well as the quality of the questions will get difficult with the increasing levels. This is so because only then one will be able to judge the students ability and aptitude best on the basis of the CogAT score that they achieve.