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Cogat Scores

At Kidsspace, we can understand the importance of providing our children with the best educational opportunities possible. One of the best opportunities is the chance to enroll in a Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) course. Entry to these programs are often based on a no. of common tests, CogAT is one of the published test and Cogate score helps parents and teachers in identifying intelligence and talent abilities of students. When we discuss about correlation between CogAT Scores and IQ testing result, then we will realize that CogAT is not a tool for measuring a student’s intelligence or IQ. Rather, it measures the reason solving skills that have developed during a student’s educational career, even though they have not been explicitly taught.

Higher CogAT Scores means Higher Thinking Capabilities

These general cognitive skills are not specific to any content area, but are skills that are used in all areas of a student’s academic experiences. My student James qualified for Math, but he is a really good reader. Why hasn’t he be identified in that area, too? For gifted and talented programs, teachers consider a body of evidence that includes ability, achievement, behavior characteristics and demonstrated performance. For more information about gifted identification, visit the PSD Gifted and Talented Website.

Kidsspace chooses to screen all 4th grade students with the CogAT in 4th grade. The 4th grade test is highly visual, does not have a time limit, is read aloud by the teacher, and does not require students to transfer answers to a separate answer booklet and also students can write in the test booklet. Testing in the spring of 4th grade also allows for fall identification at the start of 5th grade. For 1st grades, gifted identification is based on referrals.

Use of these Cogat Scores

The CogAT is often used as standard identity for gifted services; however, the information from your child’s CogAT can be helpful to both teachers and parents. For gifted identification, the CogAT represents only one assessment in the body of evidence i.e. in the area of intellectual aptitude/ability. When you receive your child’s Cogat Scores, you will have an interactive profile on various Cogat related sites and input the profile in the “interactive profile system” to get more information about your child’s learning style and abilities. The CogAT is only given once, as a screener, in 3rd grade to all students. If a student enters Kidsspace after 2nd grade and has one indicator for gifted identification, then the CogAT is conducted.

If you are dreaming your kid to be a successful professional in future then you should put your kid in to CogAT practice session and ultimately your kid will be become more confident to face CogAT questions and will be able to solve questions more and more to justify his/her reason solving capabilities. If you have not put your child into Cognitive test practice yet then start educating him/her by a qualified educator privately or through public schools. CogAT is recognized worldwide a standard test to measure reason solving capabilities and intelligent thinking abilities.