CogAT Practice Test 3rd Grade

Let us see in detail the format of CogAT test for 3rd grade. The said test is taken on the basis of 3 different sets or types of questions. The first set of questions is the verbal test, the second set is the quantitative questions and the third set is the non-verbal questions. This 3rd grade test is also known as a transition from picture based and teacher paced verbal test as well as quantitative tests which were used for students of grades kindergarten to grade 2 to the text based and numeric based as well as timed verbal and quantitative tests. All the three sets of questions are further divided into three subsets each. The verbal set of questions is divided into verbal analogies, then sentence completion and then verbal classification. The quantitative segment is further divided into number analogies; secondly number puzzles and thirdly number series. Lastly, the non-verbal set is divided into figure matrices, secondly paper folding and thirdly figure classification.

There are CogAT practice tests also available for students to practice so that they are able to connect well during the exam and perform. The CogAT practice test 3rd grade is a full length practice test that has 176 questions in it together with an answer key. These 176 questions cover all the three types of sets as well as the 3 subsets of each for the student or the child to practice. These three sets includes verbal, non-verbal as well as quantitative. There are also some free practice CogAT questions available online on various websites for the child and the parent to practice and understand.

Let us now see the types of questions that are provided to the students in the exam. Under verbal classification, the student is provided with three alike words and asked to choose one word from a group of 5 which means the same. Example, the three words given are green, blue and red and the answer choices are crayons, color, yellow, paint and rainbow. In sentence completion the student has to complete a given sentence by filling up a word in the blank space of the sentence. The choice of the words is also provided. Under verbal analogies the student is provided with three words, wherein the first two words go with each other and the third word goes with one of the words given for choices. The student has to choose the fourth word that will make and complete the two pairs.

Similarly, there are different sets of questions that are given and are classified under the different sets and sub sets for the student to connect with the questions and perform in the exam. The student’s performance and the aptitude are judged with the help of the CogAT scores that they get. These scores are also helpful for the students to work on their weak areas and develop the same.

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